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Music Tunnel KTV Cafe was originally found in the year of 2010. We probably are the only karaoke place in the bay area where "no-alcohol no smoking" policy is strictly enforced in each karaoke room. We understand a few people may not like it, but there are always so many customers supporting us about this unique policy in order to provide our customers a better and safer atmosphere.  Yes, we will definitely continue serving you with our four main principles (HEALTHY, FUN, SAFE, and LEGAL) as usual. While keeping these principles in mind, we will also provide you the best service and the best system which will make you feel as comfortable as staying in your own home. 

: : Top Quality Stereo  – We use AUDIOKING professional 3-way karaoke speakers and MICKARA amplifiers-the NO.1 karaoke brand in Taiwan and China, which is capable to create better sound effect than BMB and JBL brand.

:: Newest Songs –  We always have the newest, the most hit songs in the market. No matter if it's the newest, famous oldies, Cantonese, Mandarin, English, Taiwanese, Japanese, Korean, Philippine... etc. We have over 150,000 songs in our song database, the largest song collection in California.

:: Super Large VIP room (~400 square feet) – This largest room can easily accommodate up to 25 people and featuring four 52" big wide screen HDTV, 19" infrared touch-screen panel LCD monitor for song selection, 4 infrared wireless microphones and 4 AUDIOKING professional karaoke stereo speakers, plus one standing mic with a little stage to give yourself a similar concert feel.

:: All small rooms are all equipped with two infrared wireless microphones.
:: All medium rooms and large rooms may have 3rd and 4th infrared wireless microphones upon request.

:: Parking – All day free parking spaces. More than 100 parking spaces available in the plaza!

:: All rooms are actually over-sized in comparison with other KTV places in the bay area.

:: Our exclusive SERVICE button feature on the touch screen will save your valuable time to go to the front cashier counter every time, when you need to place your order, requesting your bill or asking for any assistance.

:: Over hundred of non-alcoholic fresh-made beverage and food from our menu for you to choose.

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